Friday, May 05, 2006

Link Dump. Explanation.

Its simple.

Post Your Link, Generate Traffic. Any one can do it!

How is this done?

- Look at the Blogs Menu. (On the right). For more topics scroll down.
- Select a category of which your site/blog belongs to.
- Dump you site/blog.

How do I dump my site/blog?

After choosing the correct category, Simply:

- Go into comments.
- Enter your:

Name: Enter your desired nick name or use your blogger account.

Email: If you want, enter your email.

URL: most important. Insert your site's URL.

Site Description: Insert a description of your site or blog.
No longer than 2 lines!

Make sure you follow the Rules!

Note: Any one can do this. If you are not a Blogger and do not have a Blogger account, simply select 'Other' and follow the same instructions.

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