Friday, May 05, 2006

Link Dump. Explanation.

Its simple.

Post Your Link, Generate Traffic. Any one can do it!

How is this done?

- Look at the Blogs Menu. (On the right). For more topics scroll down.
- Select a category of which your site/blog belongs to.
- Dump you site/blog.

How do I dump my site/blog?

After choosing the correct category, Simply:

- Go into comments.
- Enter your:

Name: Enter your desired nick name or use your blogger account.

Email: If you want, enter your email.

URL: most important. Insert your site's URL.

Site Description: Insert a description of your site or blog.
No longer than 2 lines!

Make sure you follow the Rules!

Note: Any one can do this. If you are not a Blogger and do not have a Blogger account, simply select 'Other' and follow the same instructions.


You must follow these simple rules.

Rule #1:
Your Sites description can not be longer than 2 lines.

Rule #2:
Do not swear.

Rule #3:
No Adult content sites are allowed.

Rule #4:
No Hacking or Cracking content sites are allowed.

That's it.
Follow that, and you're in.

This Weeks Winner!!!

Adsense Tips And Tricks!

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How Much Does Dumping a Link Cost?

Man.. That's a stupid question..
It's obvious dumping links is free!
That's what the whole blog is about..

But I would really appreciate it if you would link people to my site.
(Again, You DO NOT have to!)

Why should you do?


- The more people who enter this site, the more exposure your links gets.

And Because:
- Every week or two, I will post a large screen shot + a short description, of one of your sites or blogs that has a link to this Blog. The site will be posted on the main page of the Blog, and will generate an extreme traffic boost.

The way I decide which site or blog I post on the main page, is by going threw your posted links.
The site or blog which has a link to my site, and it has the *best link position, gets a *free traffic boost.
*Best link position- the best position of the link that links to this blog. For example- The first link of the sidebar. The biggest link in the sidebar and so on..
*Free Traffic Boost- A large screen shot of your site of blog will be posted in the site.

The place where the screen shot and short site description will be posted is-
'This Weeks Winner' area.

To add a link to this site, simply copy paste this code into your side bar, under links. (or any where else you think is suitable.)

a href="">
Submit Your link Here!
Generate Traffic Now! /a


- make sure you add < > before and after the- a href, and before and after the- /a.

- You are very welcome to customize the way the link looks!
- You do not have to link to my site! If you do, Thankyou!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Have a great PhotoBlog? Let people know about it!
This is the where you post any thing to do with photos, cameras, videos, and so on.


Any thing to do with graphics:

From PhotoShop, until Maya 3d. Anything.

Follow the Rules!


Any type of sport. (Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball... Whatever..)

Follow the Rules!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Politics related blogs. From Iran, threw Israel and back to the States.
Any thing related to politics.

Follow the Rules!


Blogs which talk about anything, which you can not find a suitable category for.

Follow the Rules!


Advertise your Forum.

Follow the Rules!

Blog about Blogs

Blogs which talk about Blogs.

Follow the Rules!